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Network Security in the Age of Hybrid Work

The onset of Covid-19 hurtled British businesses into a new era of working regimes. With national restrictions serving as a catalyst for remote conditions and digital solutions, the hybrid model continues to spread into the post-pandemic offices of today.

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Date posted: 24 May 2022  –   Categories: Cabling Services

Optimising Your Network for Hybrid Work

As any modern business leader knows all too well, your IT data network is the backbone of your operation. And, with more and more organisations continuing with hybrid working practices even now Covid restrictions have been lifted, it’s vital that networks are optimised for the most efficient and productive results.

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Date posted: 19 May 2022  –   Categories: Cabling Services

What Should Be on Your Server Maintenance Checklist?

If your business has its own dedicated server or servers, then you’ll be in a great position to benefit from the expansive storage and customised operational capabilities they bring. However, these advantages are dependent on adherence to a proper maintenance regime. 

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Date posted: 19 April 2022  –   Categories: Cabling Services

Setting Up A Secure Remote Working Office

Over the past two years, remote work has evolved from a trend talked about by many but tried by few into the only way to work. For some, the arrangement has worked so well that there’s no going back. Big tech firms like Google and small businesses alike plan to adopt a hybrid schedule, with employees dividing their week between home and the office. Some, like HSBC, plan to move thousands to permanent remote work.

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Date posted: 11 April 2022  –   Categories: Cabling Services

Mitigating the Risk of Business WiFi

Any modern business is likely to be reliant on its WiFi network, which provides access to both cloud-based workloads and internet browsing to any connected device. WiFi allows businesses and their employees to enjoy greater flexibility as to how and where they work and is particularly useful for those wanting to create a more agile working environment. For some organisations, WiFi is also an important tool for any visitors to the premises. 

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Date posted: 6 April 2022  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

Are Alt Net Providers the Future of UK Full Fibre?

Having promised that the UK would be enjoying a fully fibre optic network by 2025, the UK government now seems likely to fail. A range of issues including inadequate planning, finance delays, and unrealistic target-setting have all meant that the proposed national upgrade is already falling behind schedule. In the face of this scenario, which leaves over a million UK households without reliable, fast internet access, it seems that the emerging class of so called “alt net” providers will be stepping up to address the shortfall.

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Date posted: 29 March 2022  –   Categories: Fibre Optics

Wi-Fi 6: How Switching Can Impact Your Business

When Wi-Fi 5 was released in 2014, it came out to a very different world. Smartphones had just edged out dumb phones in sales. Much of the general excitement around the Internet of Things revolved around how you can use it to automatically lock your doors or control security cameras.

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Date posted: 10 November 2021  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

How Fast Should My Business Broadband Be?

Slow Internet is the bane of every modern business. How exactly can you forecast how fast your business broadband should be?

Unreliable broadband isn’t always as explosive as servers going down or fibre cuts flipping the switch on your entire network. Files taking too long to upload, training videos that could have loaded a few minutes faster–the true cost of slow Internet to your average business can go unseen.

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Date posted: 8 October 2021  –   Categories: Cabling Services

The Future of Fibre: Trends, Developments, and Challenges

The futurist vision of the next decade is grand. From brain-computer interfaces that blend human insight and machine-driven analytics to simulations you can experience through all five senses, every year reality seems to get closer to the realm of science fiction.

However, such technologies will remain experimental without the support of hyper-fast computing and networking. Virtual reality is a prime example of a technology hobbled by latency, despite its massive potential for nearly all industries.

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Date posted: 9 September 2021  –   Categories: Fibre Optics

How to Successfully Rollout WiFi Across Your Organisation

At home, you can often simply plug in a router to enjoy the benefits of excellent Wi-Fi coverage. In the workplace, however, things become a little more complicated. 

The first thing you need to do is clarify what constitutes a successful Wi-Fi deployment. Every organisation is different, and what works well for the superstore down the road might not be appropriate for the college around the corner, or the factory in the next street. This is why it’s important to carry out a comprehensive WiFi site survey and think about the layout of your premises, and the number of users. 

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Date posted: 16 June 2021  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

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Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School

"TVNET have saved us a considerable amount on what we were previously paying to bigger firms whilst delivering a superior installation. I cannot recommend them highly enough as a local networking specialist."

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