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The Cabling Infrastructure Behind Smart Communities

Ask anyone to make a list of the most technologically advanced cities, and you’ll probably get a lot of large metropolises like Tokyo or London. Hull, a fishing town nestled along the river Humber, probably never makes it to anyone’s list. However, visit the city and you’ll find yourself experiencing some of the fastest Internet speeds in the UK. 

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Date posted: 9 June 2021  –   Categories: Cabling Services

Fibre to the Premises vs Fibre to the Cabinet

Like a ship cruising through smooth waters, you never notice when your Internet is working perfectly. However, one snag and you become very suddenly aware that the boat is hitting choppy waters or even sinking. Emails failing to send, uploads taking forever, video calls dropping in the middle of a meeting. Bad connectivity can very abruptly grind your business to a halt.

That’s why your choice of network infrastructure is crucial. And one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether to go full-fibre, or stick with an existing copper broadband connection.

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Date posted: 3 June 2021  –   Categories: Fibre Optics

A Guide to Proper Access Point Placement


Placing access points is more than just installing them where users and end devices are the densest. There are many factors that go into a good access point placement plan, such as office layout and the type of work you’ll be doing. Read more

Date posted: 15 December 2020  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

Types of WiFi Site Surveys


The need for a strong WiFi service network for businesses is clear: productivity and employee satisfaction are directly tied to a stable connection. Yet even with how important it is, properly designing a wireless network for an office isn’t quite as cut and dried. Read more

Date posted: 23 November 2020  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

6GHz: The Next Big Thing in WiFi Connectivity

wifi router

WiFi connections today travel through two bands along the radio spectrum: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. These are not infinite resources. Congestion and interference have become real problems, especially in the 35-year old legacy 2.4 GHz channel. Read more

Date posted: 27 October 2020  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

Solving These 7 Common Fibre Optic Cable Issues

Solving These 7 Common Fibre Optic Cable Issues

Fibre optic cables are made of a type of glass. Each “fibre” is about as thin as a strand of hair. While at first glance it seems fragile, the material is actually quite durable and can outlast copper with proper care. Read more

Date posted: 29 September 2020  –   Categories: Fibre Optics

How Does the UK’s Full-Fibre Broadband Compare To Other Countries?


The world may be hyping wireless 5G, but full-fibre is still the next true step in internet connectivity. It’s fast–faster than wireless 4G LTE. And while fibre can’t compete with predicted 5G speeds, it’s far superior in reliability and accessibility. Read more

Date posted: 20 March 2020  –   Categories: Fibre Optics

5G vs Full-Fibre Broadband: Which One Is Best For Your Business?

fiber optic TV Net

With more and more devices going online, the strain on bandwidth grows heavier, especially for businesses who use cloud-based technologies. Organisations find themselves processing a stack of data that’s only growing larger, using increasingly smart and automated technologies. Read more

Date posted: 27 February 2020  –   Categories: Fibre Optics

5 Top Network Cabling Issues Businesses Need to Be Aware Of


Cables, sheaths, and connectors may not be as exciting as the technologies they support. But if data is the lifeblood of the modern business, then structured cabling systems are the veins that enable information to flow and pump life into the organisation. Read more

Date posted: 28 January 2020  –   Categories: Cabling Services

What will 5G mean for your business?

5g image with connected devices

We stand on the precipice of the next generation in network connectivity – 5G. The technology promises to be 10 to 100 of times faster than 4G, a digital highway wide enough to easily accommodate trillions of megabytes of data.

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Date posted: 28 May 2019  –   Categories: Wi-Fi Services

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Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School


Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School

"TVNET have saved us a considerable amount on what we were previously paying to bigger firms whilst delivering a superior installation. I cannot recommend them highly enough as a local networking specialist."

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