Structured Data Cabling Installation

TVNET provides a comprehensive suite of structured data cabling installation services, incorporating if required, survey, design, full project management, installation and maintenance of data cabling networks. With over 17 years of extensive experience implementing highly successful projects for customers of every size and complexity, you’re in excellent hands with our expert team.

Specialists in data and voice structured cabling, from CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a choose the experts at TVNET.

Our data cabling services include

  • Data Network Cabling Design & Installation
  • Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Site Surveys and Management of Project
  • CCTV / Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • AV Systems
  • Point of Sale / POS Cabling
  • WAP / Wireless Access Points Cabling
  • Moving and Technical Relocation Services
  • Testing & Fault finding

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What Is Structured Data Cabling?

One of the best ways to describe structured data cabling is to think about it’s opposite, conventional wiring which is often a mix of cobbled-together network cables that has grown over the years as more network devices have been added to your office network. With structured cabling, there is an organised approach to wiring an entire building or office. The result is a network infrastructure that allows businesses to effortlessly add new devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile phones and printers. With structured cabling, your network is future-proofed and designed to ensure the latest technology connects and works seamlessly with all of your existing IT equipment.


Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Structured Data Cabling

1. It Allows Your Business to Grow

A structured data network architecture will allow your business to grow and adapt to future technology advances. The ability to scale your business by quickly responding to new technology will help give your business a competitive edge. The growth in the use of bandwidth-hungry activities such as video streaming and as more devices become network-enabled (with the growth of the internet of things) your network infrastructure needs to be able to handle ever greater data demands.


2. Saves You Time & Money

Structured cabling will save time and money. A one-off investment will mean that you don’t need to rely on expensive network engineers to add new team members and their devices, upgrade your office IT equipment or diagnose problems with network performance. If any issues do occur they are far easier (and cheaper) to fix with structured cabling than with conventionally wired offices.


3. Less Downtime

Not only will you save on the cost of fixing issues but you will also save due to less downtime caused by network problems. Hardly anyone can do their job properly without a network connection so any downtime is expensive and a direct cost to your business. Structured network installations suffer far less downtime than offices that have networks that have grown in an ad-hoc way over the years.


Types of Structured Data Cabling

Structured data cabling uses standard network architecture including Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a connected to the outside world via a series of networking equipment including patch panels, routers, switches and hubs. The different types of category (Cat) cabling, known as ethernet cables, allow faster data transmission speeds. For example, Cat6a cables can support speeds of up to 10 Gbps at a bandwidth of 500 MHz, twice that of Cat6. The trade-off is the price, expect to pay more for the latest technology. All of these patch cables use RJ-45 connectors which make them backwards compatible which means that your network equipment will connect to any category of network cable.

Commercial Warehouses and Distribution Centres Structured Data Cabling

Things To Consider Before A Structured Data Cabling Installation

Speak To Key Stakeholders

Speak to stakeholders from different parts of your business about their commercial needs and how technology can support them in the near, medium and long term. What applications do they need to support future business needs including data, voice, video and other multimedia applications? Your cabling installation should last 10 years at least so you will need to design a system that accommodates the future needs of the whole business.


Plan Your Layout

TVNET will help you plan the location of network points including the layout of desks and communal areas that will be used as wifi hotspots. Then we’ll work out how many network ports you will need at each location. Next, we’ll map out how much space you will need for installation equipment including taking into account the required rack space in your server room, as well as the route the network equipment will take through the building. How far will the cabling need to travel? This will influence the specifications required for the cable runs. You will likely need a combination of cable category. For example, the backbone of the network may require Cat6a or even Fibre while the cabling to user ports could be a lower grade.


Choose A Data Cabling Company With A Proven Track Record

A well planned structured cabling installation is essential for fast and efficient use of technology on your company network. TVNET has over 17 years of experience specialising in structured cabling installations. Get in touch with our experts for all of your structured cabling needs.

Data & Network Cabling FAQs

What Data Cabling Standard Should I Opt For?

No matter how fast your voice and data cabling may be, your network will only ever run as fast as the slowest devices connected to it. So does the cabling you use really matter all that much?

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How Do Copper Network Cabling Standards Work?

Although recent years have seen major improvements in wireless technology, most office networks still rely, at least to some extent, on copper cabling. But there are many different standards for copper cables which can lead to some confusion. So, what are the various different types and what are their pros and cons?

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What Is Voice And Data Cabling?

Simply put, voice and data cabling is a system of cabling that can, as the name suggests, handle voice and/or data. This includes basic phone system cabling, data network cabling, coax cabling, server room cabling, surveillance camera wiring, video cabling, wireless network infrastructure cabling. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 are the major voice and data cabling standards.

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Why Is Structured Cabling Better Than Conventional Wiring?

There are many reasons why a structured cabling service system is far superior to conventional wiring systems. In a conventionally wired system, you will often find a jungle of tangled wires and cables going from computers to the hubs and then off to a main router. That’s not to mention further wiring snaking off to printers, scanners and webcams. This infrastructure will probably have been installed over a period of time by several different people, on an as-needed basis.

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What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling refers to any infrastructure that uses a number of standardised cabling elements. It can (and often does) include cables, computers, phones, printers and all other essential hardware that makes up an office/business network. Structured cabling is a more organised approach than conventional wiring and will manage the cabling for your entire infrastructure. It has the benefits of not only being neat and tidy but also incredibly easy to maintain and service.

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What Are The Different Data Cable Standards & What Do They Mean?

Wired connections are generally a lot faster and more reliable than Wifi connections but it’s important to get the right data cables for your business. As the need for more bandwidth increases, the cables that form the arterial systems of your networks need to be able to keep up the demands of your business for many years to come.

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"TVNET have saved us a considerable amount on what we were previously paying to bigger firms whilst delivering a superior installation. I cannot recommend them highly enough as a local networking specialist."

Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School


Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School

"TVNET have saved us a considerable amount on what we were previously paying to bigger firms whilst delivering a superior installation. I cannot recommend them highly enough as a local networking specialist."

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