Why Is Structured Cabling Better Than Conventional Wiring?

There are many reasons why a structured cabling service system is far superior to conventional wiring systems. In a conventionally wired system, you will often find a jungle of tangled wires and cables going from computers to the hubs and then off to a main router. That’s not to mention further wiring snaking off to printers, scanners and webcams. This infrastructure will probably have been installed over a period of time by several different people, on an as-needed basis.

A structured data cabling approach takes a more logical and longer-term approach. It examines where the cabling is needed and organises it cleanly and simply within a network of routers, switches and hubs. This consistency in cabling means that it is far easier to install and troubleshoot everything on your network, from phones and fax machines to servers and desktop computers.

A more Standardised Cabling System

Structured cabling is, therefore, a standardised way of connecting your network, which enables all electronics and computers to communicate efficiently. Structured cabling binds the devices of a modern office together within a unified IT infrastructure.

The separation of data and equipment types into their own discrete outlets makes it easy to streamline your business network infrastructure. A common mistake in many networks, for example, is running power cables in close proximity to data cables. This can cause disruptive noise in your network, reducing efficiency. Structured cabling takes this type of issue into account from the outset.

The Benefits of Structured Cabling

Structured cabling’s benefits are numerous and leave older conventional wired systems in the shade. The advantages of a structured cabling system include:

  • Future Proofing your business – Given the scalability and adaptability of structured cabling, your business infrastructure will be able to grow far robustly than with conventional wiring.
  • Reduced Install time – The simple and organised set up of the cabling allows for quick and easy changes and upgrades.
  • Adopting the Internet of Things – The Internet of Things allows all sorts of devices to be connected to the internet, from speakers to plant machinery. Many businesses are coming to rely on the IoT, with many more looking to integrate it into their day to day operations. Structured cabling is a future-proofed system that is far better equipped than traditional cabling to accommodate the surge of IoT devices coming online.
  • Supporting Simple Upgrading – The modern, modular design enables quick and easy replacements and upgrades, such as multimedia and video conferencing. In addition, it will also allow you to mix and match vendor equipment without any need to rework the cabling to handle new devices.
  • Simplified Problem Diagnosis – With conventional wiring, it can be difficult to work out where a given issue arises. Structured cabling is unified and modular, making it fast and simple to diagnose where the problem lies.

Why is Structured Cabling important?

With the importance of the Internet of Things, businesses are seeing more and more wiring and cabling within their networks, as more and more devices now require their own internet connection. Add to this that fact that VoIP phone systems and video conferencing are rapidly becoming the norm in offices, creating a demand that conventional wiring system often can’t handle.

The effect of poor cabling can be detrimental to productivity. Older, traditional cabling is often too long, as devices are moved around the office without proper planning and preparation. Network cabling efficiency reduces over longer distances, which will have a negative impact on the efficiency and reliability of your network.

A modern, structured cabling system will not only make your business a neater and simpler environment, but it will also make your network far more efficient and reliable.

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"TVNET have saved us a considerable amount on what we were previously paying to bigger firms whilst delivering a superior installation. I cannot recommend them highly enough as a local networking specialist."

Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School


Michael Turner, ICT manager, Downend School

"TVNET have saved us a considerable amount on what we were previously paying to bigger firms whilst delivering a superior installation. I cannot recommend them highly enough as a local networking specialist."